How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne?


Tea tree oil is a hugely popular natural treatment for acne with very good reason. Tea tree oil has solved the acne problems of thousands that suffer from all types of blemish problems.

Tea tree plants are native to many areas around Australia. Harvesting the leaves, steaming them and then collecting the oil that the leaves have produced is the most common method of obtaining tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil has become extremely popular over the last few years. During studies preformed by health care professionals it was shown to be more effective in killing bacteria (such as staph bacteria) then many popular man made antibiotics. Additional studies have shown that benzoyl peroxide is less effective in treating acne then tea tree oil as it can leave the skin red and irritated while tea tree oil does not.



To use this great blemish fighter all that you need to do is apply 1 drop 2-3 times per day to any areas of your skin that is affected and it will begin to kill the bacteria. The are also many effective OTC acne products that contain tee tree oil that you can purchase online, such as Exposed Skin Care. There are also blemish sticks and pressed powders that contain this natural acne treatment so women suffering from blemishes do not have to worry about their makeup making their skin worse.

Tea tree oil can be found in health food stores, pharmacies and well as in grocery and other retail stores. Additionally you can also find it sold online, such as these popular brands on Amazon, as well as a vast amount of information concerning the benefits and proper usage of this oil. If you are looking for an effective but natural treatment method for taking care of you acne problems then use tea tree oil, your skin will thank you.