Sunflower Oil, Another Alternative Treatment For Your Acne


Sunflower Oil For Acne

When searching for alternative acne treatments sunflower oil must definitely be considered. This natural oil is rich in vitamins that are needed for healthy looking skin and is very soothing to several types of skin irritations including acne.

Sunflower oil is obtained from the seeds of the sunflower plant and is very helpful is relieving skin irritations such as acne. The oil from the sunflower seed is extremely rich in vitamins E. Because it is so rich in vitamin E this natural oil in very soothing and gentle when applied to the skin.

Oil obtained from sunflower seeds like most other oils is excellent in helping the skin retain moisture. What sets sunflower oil apart however is that it can additionally provide the sin with a natural barrier of protection against bacteria and others irritants which are at the root of most blemish issues.

Greasy food is often to blame when it comes to finding the source of acne. If you must add any oil to foods or cook your foods in oil switch from fatty vegetable oil to sunflower oil as vitamins E are all essential for healthy skin. By fighting bacteria and other potential irritants below the skin, you can help to prevent acne before it occurs on your skin.



Sunflower oil can be found in skin care products such as soaps, body wash and lotions. It can also be found in many types of cosmetics (foundations and pressed powders in particular), which are very popular with women who suffer from blemish problems.

Sunflower oil is a tremendously versatile oil that is easily absorbed by all skin types making it a great choice for anyone suffering from acne problems that are worried about the effects that most over-the-counter acne remedies would have on their skin. If you choose to add sunflower oil to your dietary regime as well as applying it to your skin your body and skin will both see very positive results.