Does Smoking And Alcohol Aggravate Acne?


Smoking Alcohol Acne

When it comes to socialization, the modern society engages in such practices as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, smoking does not only trigger lung cancer but it can also cause other imperfections on the human body such as acne. This casual habit may lead people to think that they are cool or a part of the in crowd yet there is nothing cool about looking ten years older than your actual age or contracting an illness that could possibly terminate your life.

This common recreation might be fun while you share it with your buddies yet the tobacco would slowly narrow the blood vessels (those that supply the outermost layer of the human skin with essential nutrients and oxygen) in your body and eventually, this social act would catch up with you.

Alcohol, yet another social tool, is also the skin’s enemy. Alcohol rids the skin of its effectiveness in defending the body against most bacterial infections. For people who are more prone to acne, these two social acts should be avoided altogether.



Even the administration of vitamins A or E would not totally rid the body of the toxins that drinking and smoking cause. Vitamin A is used in generating new cells which eventually replace the old ones. This vitamin is also the one that improves collagen production which leads to a younger-looking skin. Since smoking and drinking rids the skin of oxygen and nutrients, this would soon result into the formation of free radicals which would slowly damage the elasticity of the skin’s collagen and fibers. Minus these two, the skin would cease to look young and flexible.

It has been published on the British Journal of Dermatology that women who smoke are more prone to develop NIA or non-inflammatory acne as compared to female non-smokers. The experts have looked into more than a thousand females and have found out that 40% of the smoking population developed acne in varying forms (blocked pores, small cysts, or enormous white heads). It has also been observed that smokers only have half the level of normal skin secretions of vitamin E (a nutrient which makes the skin less prone to acne).



If you are one of those people who have decided to let go of smoking or drinking, then there is still hope. Begin by immediately undergoing water therapy. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily and eating a well-balanced diet would soon bring back the old glow on your skin that these social activities destroyed.



While most people would enjoy the company of their peers while smoking or drinking, these social activities have far-reaching effects on one’s skin. The sad thing is, it isn’t only the facial skin that is damaged but the entire body. No matter how much money you spend on night creams or acne treatments, these would all prove to be useless in the end if their counterparts (smoking and drinking) would do more damage.