Over-Cleaning Your Face Does Not Help Acne

Over Cleaning Acne

According to a recent study made by researchers from University of Oklahoma, from the Health Sciences wing of the university, keeping the face squeaky clean by applying so many creams moisturizers and “dead skin scrubbers” may be doing far more harm than good. According to the study, no amount of facial cleansers and vanity creams would save you from acne if, for example, you are already genetically predisposed to have acne.

The study further stated that the bad habit of “over-cleaning” the face does not help at all in keeping yourself farther from acne, nor does it help in treating acne. Dennis Weigand, a researcher reminded people of these facts, dismissing whatever advertising materials might say about the real deal regarding facial cleansers, acne and the human skin.

According to Weigand, they actually see less incidences of acne vulgaris on the faces of women who had been predisposed to keep it simple (simple face washing, with plain soap) as opposed to those who have taken it upon themselves to combat face dirt with every conceivable facial cleanser money can buy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep the face clean. But one doesn’t have to spend a lot of money or buy a lot of different chemical products to keep it clean. Some soap and perhaps lukewarm water is enough to keep the face pristine and free of acne and those dreaded wrinkles. Wrinkles on the other hand, don’t appear because your face wasn’t clean. They are simply a natural part of the aging of the skin.



Keeping it simple perhaps is the most useful line here, if we are to take off from the knowledge gained by the researchers from the University of Oklahoma. Basically, people should begin easing themselves of the usual plethora of cosmetic products that are designed to give you the world, but actually only succeed in taking your money

In this case, if you haven’t been hooked yet, don’t try it. If you have acne, buying different soaps and peppering your face with them won’t help. Actually, if you rub too often and soap too often as well, there just might be a chance that you might make some of the lesions explode, thereby effectively creating more infection for the skin on your face.

If your old soap has worked well for you, then just stick to the soap. Wash your face once a day, and pat dry with a towel. Regular once a day washing of the face should be done in conjunction with whatever medical regimen your doctor has prescribed for your acne. If you don’t have a medical regimen yet, and your lesions seem to be more active recently, then perhaps it is time to go to the doctor.

You might be surprised how short and straightforward doctors can be about the diagnosis and treatment of such skin problems. Most likely, the doctor would be able to trace possible triggers that might have cause the acne in the first place. Then a prescription would be made to slowly treat the acne. Usually doctors prescribe medicated creams or oral medication for the acne treatment.