Zeno Acne Clearing Device


It is called “the new secret weapon in the war against pimples”. That is what its Zeno’s maker, Tyrell, Inc., claims their electronic medical device is. It uses its revolutionary ClearPoint technology to produce controlled heat to kill the bacteria commonly associated with acne growth.

Zeno Acne Clearing Device is a cell phone-sized electronic medical device that transfers heat to a pimple up to 120 degrees. This kills the bacteria and cause heat-shock protein to rush in. These proteins aid in eliminating the bacteria and reduce inflammation in the affected area. The heat is regulated by removable treatment tips that must be replaced regularly.

Zeno is made out of aluminum and marketed as something of a magical acne remover. This rechargeable battery driven device is basically used to effectively zap or cauterize one zit at a time.



1) Zeno can clear up acne and pimples in just hours. 2½-minute heat treatments spread over a 24-hour period are enough to eliminate most pimples. Most of the time, only a single treatment is needed. Most other acne treatments can take days or even weeks to show results.

2) Zeno employs heat to eliminate the source the blemish – the bacteria inside. No harsh formulations, no medications, no greasy lotions, no trips to the dermatologist. Just gentle, cleansing heat that destroys the pimple you have today.

3) Zeno is approved by the FDA. Besides some temporary redness in the skin after a treatment, no other negative reactions were described. Furthermore, Zeno produces no side effects that are common to most facial and oral medications.

4) Compact and lightweight for on-the-go instant acne and pimple treatment.



In spite of the ease and convenience it offers its user to remove zits, Zeno Acne Clearing Device also has some downsides of its own.

1) Owing to issues of safety and the way it is constructed, Zeno can only be limited to three uses every 15 minutes.

2) As per written in its user’s guide, Zeno will not work against whiteheads, blackheads, nodular acne, scars and major skin blemishes. Some people report that the device only works on minor blemishes. The heat coming from the treatment tip can be felt and may cause discomfort to some users. People with sensitive skin may feel a painful burning sensation.

3) The replaceable treatment tip that is used to burn the pimples will only work for 60 cycles and costs $55 per replacement, which can cause quite a dent in your wallet.

4) After spending $200+ to buy the unit which, some users say it is very exorbitant for this sort of treatment, you’ll need to cough up $55 every time you need to replace the treatment tip. Each tip can only be fired up for about 60 times. Under the current economic crunch, that is not a good way to save cash during this time of recession.



Zeno can NOT be bought direct from the company website. However it’s available on Amazon.