Vilantae is one of the popular brands on acne treatment. It is produced by Evolution-X and it is distributed by various websites. According to the manufacturer, this is an effective acne treatment regimen that aims to prevent acne prior to a complete breakout. It comes in the form of a capsule which can be taken not just by adults, but by teenagers as well.



According to manufacturer of the product, excessive oil is the primary cause of acne. Although there may be other factors that cause an acne breakout to occur, these factors are only secondary issues. In order to prevent the occurrence of acne eruptions, excessive oil production should be prevented. This can be done by taking Vilantae acne treatment capsules or powder.

Vilantae work as an acne fighting agent. It gets rid of acne by reducing the amount of oil or sebum that is produced by the body. When taken on a daily basis, the ingredients of the capsule produce enzymes that reduce the amount of oil in the body. Technically, Vilantae works by making sure that the level of “oil” in the body remains moderate. In cases of overproduction, the supplement reduces the oil level.



Manufacturer of Vilantae point out that unlike other acne treatment solutions, such as Accutane; this product is made out of natural ingredients. It does not contain chemicals and other components that may irritate the skin. Thus, there are also no side effects. Moreover, Vilantae acne treatment products come as capsules and powders. So, product users can take the product anywhere and anytime at their convenience. Oral medications are far easier to use as compared to facial creams and cleansers.



The use and dosage of any medication largely depends on the severity of the patient’s condition. In the case of acne treatment products, the number of times that you should apply a facial cream or take an acne prevention pill depends on the severity of your acne condition.

What most users complain about Villantae acne products is the fact that some users are required to take a hefty number of capsules in a day. For those who have mild acne, they may take two or up to four capsules in a day. However, for those who have severe cases, they might be required to take more than twenty capsules in a day. As a result, some are having second thoughts about the adverse effects of the excessive intake on the product. Some users preferred Exposed Skin Care.

Thankfully, the manufacturer has addressed the issue. They claim that since Vilantae acne treatment products is an all natural ingredient, it is quite “impossible” to overdose on the supplement. To make the task of daily intake easier, the makers also kept their pills small – just 510 mg instead of larger pills.  



Vilantae is primarily available from the company website The website is both a resource center and promotional space. Success stories are available for those who would like to peek at the potentially beneficial effects of Vilantae to teenage or adult acne.

Vilantae products are available in:

1) Vilantae Capsules ($49.95)

2) Vilantae Powder (39.95)

3) COLD FUSION topical system (39.95)

Like other products, Vilantae offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you may return Vilantae for a full refund within 90 days. No questions asked!