Proactiv Solution


Proactiv Solution, marketed by Guthy-Renker LLC, is one of America’s hottest selling anti-acne treatments. Clear skin is Proactiv’s main claim, and all you have to do is to apply the solution regularly. It’s clientele is composed of individuals mostly in their late twenties or early thirties. The product has been rigorously developed by dermatologists to remedy even the most severe cases of acne.



Based on the reports stated on the company’s website, Proactiv acne solution works just like some facial cleansers.  Every time the consumer uses the product, the cleansing ingredients unclog the pores of the skin and kill the bacteria that promote skin inflammation that starts on the infected pores.

However, it should be noted that technically, Proactiv Solution products do not target the root cause of acne such as hormonal imbalances and more. Basically, the product only helps manage acne. On their website, you can see claims stating that if you want to completely stop acne breakouts from recurring, manufacturer recommends that you should not stop using Proactiv products. Some product users also point out that once you stop using Proactiv, acne breakouts immediately occur.



In general, almost all types of acne treatment and medication have some side effects. However, the effects differ in severity. Two people using the same product may experience different side effects. In the case of Proactiv acne treatment solutions, some product users report that it irritates the skin. According to some experts, the product component that causes the irritation is benzoyl peroxide. For those who have sensitive skin, they might experience itchiness, swelling, and redness of the skin. In some cases, they can also make the skin dry and flaky.



Some say that Proactiv doesn’t work while others point out that it is quite effective. In general, it should be noted that efficient acne treatment products may not work for some people primarily because their skin may repel the healing effects of the solution. Different people respond varyingly to different kinds of products. The customers should find one that will suit their specific condition.

Generally, Proactiv Solution is deemed as a good treatment product. The product is effective in treating mild to moderate levels of acne breakout. Moreover, it also produces quick results. After continuously using it for just a week or two, the product user can observe that the acne manifestations will clear out. However, during initial applications, the product may result to some skin irritations. The skin may become dry, reddish, and itchy. Though acne may be reduced or completely diminished after two weeks of continuous use, acne breakouts may recur as soon as the use of Proactiv acne treatment solutions is stopped.



The Proactiv Solution is available through the official website

There are several packages available for users.

1) The 3-Piece 30-Day Trial System ($19.95 + $5.99 Shipping)

2) The 3-Piece 90-Day System ($59.85 + Free Shipping)

When you order Proactiv’s 3-Piece System, alone or with additional products, you’re automatically enrolled in their Clear Skin Club, where you can get the latest news and developments regarding the product. Members of the club are also offered large discounts when other purchases are made through the website.

The company offers the product with a 60-Day Risk Free Trial Period, with a money back guarantee.