Clearogen is developed by Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi after many years of intensive research and development. It is distributed by Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc., Los Angeles, California.

When people talk about Clearogen, you’ll often hear them say that it is probably the only nonprescription acne treatment that attacks acne directly from its source. Clearogen is backed by years of research and scientific data instead of media hype and celebrity endorsements.



Clearogen may not be as well-advertised as Proactiv but word is spreading around like wildfire online and offline based on the positive results its users had achieved. Two words – it works.

Clearogen gets rid of acne by attacking the root of the problem instead of just the symptoms. Acne is a result of over-production of oil triggered by hormones such as testosterone. Clearogen stops testosterone from turning to dihydro-testosterone(DHT), which is the real cause of acne. By checking the release of hormones, Clearogen helps regulate the body’s oil production.

The product also causes androgen receptors to stop DHT from stimulating the oil glands to produce excess oil which is the main cause of acne. Once oil production is normalized, Clearogen starts its healing process by first opening up the pores, peels off the dead skin cells and destroys the acne-promoting bacteria.

Clearogen is a good acne treatment that works. Just like Exposed Skin Care, it produces better results for acne sufferers than Proactiv.



Clearogen is touted as the best nonprescription anti-acne formula that treats acne from its source and not just the symptoms. Their treatment is centered on the idea that the hormone DHT (dihydro-testosterone) is the culprit behind the production of excess oil which results to acne. They attract a lot of customers by claiming that their product is a combination of natural and prescription class ingredients, along with a three-part solution which includes a foaming cleanser, a clarifying toner and an acne lotion.

One of the things that don’t look right is that the treatment set contains three products. Many dermatologists will say that you don’t necessarily need a toner; the cleanser and the lotion are all you need basically. It makes you think that the toner was squeezed in to earn additional dollars.

Clearogen is based on benzoyl peroxide, an allegedly harmful chemical that worsens acne, and salicylic acid. There is no indication that it can specifically mark DHT as a target. The Clearogen formulation is not unlike the slew of anti-acne medication you can generally find in many grocery stores. Their difference, however, lie in the price. Clearogen is tagged at $75 which most people think is overly priced.



The Clearogen treatment set is made up of three separate products formulated to work together to eliminate and prevent acne from recurring. The complete set, which can be purchased at the Clearogen website, includes one foaming cleanser, one clarifying toner and one acne lotion.

The complete set, which can last for two months, costs $75.00. Two sets cost $140.00 and can last for 4 months. The components can be bought separately at a higher price tag.

If you are not fully satisfied with the product, just return all used and unused portions of the products within 60-days for a complete refund. Shipping and handling is not refundable.