If you visit the Acnexus website, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it is guaranteed to work within the first 24 hours. It also boasts of its 27 all-natural acne-fighting ingredients without the chemicals that worsen acne like mineral oils, harmful alcohol, parabens, harmful soaps and benzoyl peroxide. The website also contains a lot of testimonials from satisfied Acnexus users.

Acnexus is a cream to treat acne that you apply to your face twice a day. You rub the infected area with it for 30 seconds, rinse it off and pat your face dry – that’s it. It’s used pretty much the same way as a face scrub.



Most users were impressed with the fresher and smoother feeling it gives the skin, even after the first use. It reduces oiliness without drying the skin. And the fresh feeling does stay on for a longer period of time than other facial scrubs they tried. It’s like using three products in one – a scrub that opens up your pores, a moisturizer and a healing cream.

Acnexus is guaranteed to:

– Help heal and prevent acne breakouts

– Get rid of blackheads once and for all

– End oily, red, itchy skin

– Work within 24 hours

It’s reassuring that the makers did research on herbal medicine and Acnexus’s ingredients are indeed all-natural unlike other creams with false claims.

Acnexus is not an acne cure. It will definitely help rid your face of acne just like any other treatment but it will not eliminate the factors that cause it. Unlike Exposed Skin Care, Acnexus is a good product that’s worth its price but it is not a cure-all treatment that will rid everyone of acne immediately.



Don’t be fooled by the deceiving photo on the website. It is not its actual size which is quite small. There is, however a FAQ page that states its size as 9 ounces. It then instructs you to “scroll down to see an actual size picture” but when you scroll down, you’ll find nothing. There is also an item halfway down the FAQ page that says they will “send you a 15 ounce bottle” and quotes the price for a 9 oz. bottle. You scramble to look for the “buy now” button and again will find nothing. Is this a typo or a deliberate “mistake”?

The Acnexus website has some typos and grammatical errors which show that it was hastily posted but never reviewed. Since it is a sales website, the owners should take the time to make it look more professional by making proper sentences, learning to type them correctly and reviewing the site for any mistakes. It’s comforting to know that the website’s “mistakes” doesn’t affect their cream’s effectiveness.



Acnexus retails for $99.95 but you can order it at the Acnexus website at 70% off or just $29.99. Order 2 bottles of Acnexus for $49.99 and get a free gift of “Acnevva”, a pocket-size acne remover. Get 3 bottles of Acnexus plus “Acnevva” for only $69.99. You can find good price from some online stores.

The lowest price we found is on Amazon.

If, for any reason, you feel that Acnexus does not hold up to its promise, you can return your purchase for a full refund, minus shipping.