AcnEase, distributed by Herborium, Inc., is an oral, anti-acne system that makes use of herbs and other botanical ingredients to fight off the most common skin scourge among teenagers. The company website claims that none of its active, herb-based ingredients are present in the list of “dangerous chemicals” produced by the likes of the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA).



According to the available product information, AcnEase has been produced by an industry leader, selecting the herbal ingredients for the acne cure. If what the literature says is true, then AcnEase is one of organic products that are safe for use for many because they contain little or no synthetic chemicals.

AcnEase is a primarily an herbal supplement – something that many choose over OTC medicines that don’t pretend to be herbal-based in any way. The company boasts of having been able to get the ratios of the important ingredients right.

Positive effects may be expected after 7 days from first use of the product. Also, AcnEase claims to be effective for nearly all kinds of acne – including the most common variant, acne vulgarisThe unique formula supposedly has already been tested for safety by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). As an added note, may we remind everybody that AcnEase, like Accutane and other drugs require swallowing.



According to the company website, this product is capable of quickly removing all traces of acne naturally without the help of unnatural chemicals. Natural ingredient is the name of the game, in direct contrast to what the AcnEase website calls “Western medicine”.

The website of AcnEase also claims superiority over other treatments for acne, because of the quality of the organic ingredients used to create the “gourmet” acne treatment. Quality as well as selectivity is what AcnEase is really claiming.



According to feedback, one of the most suspicious clause about the AcnEase website is their forcefully states that “there are no side effects”. That in itself should be questioned early on, because it is hardly for a drug not to have any side effects. Side effects are an intrinsic consequence of any kind of medication – may it be topical or orally taken.

Another suspicious clause that can be seen in the website is the claim that the drug is safe for all ages, any sex. That is hard to accept because not all drugs are created in an equalitarian manner. Some drugs are for individuals aged 50 up and some are specifically for children. Can one product really treat acne problems for people from 10 years old to 40 years old?

Also, there is a narrow, proclaimed failure rate of 5%. When there’s a failure rate, could there be something wrong with the formulation? And to add to this, there are of course, undocumented failures that have not been reported to the company or departments like the FDA.

As a rule of thumb, any acne treatment that requires you to swallow a tablet should be reviewed repeatedly – and there should be a consultation with your GP to make sure. Remember – acne is bad enough, you don’t need other problems to make your situation worse.



The company website retails AcnEase packages from mild to severe, and body acne treatment, priced from $79 to $199. The lowest price we found online is on Amazon.