Murad vs Dermalogica – Review by BOB WISEMAN, Mississippi



When the pimples first started, we shrugged it off as a sporadic outbreak caused due to an allergy. After all, when you are 55, you can pick up things randomly that you wouldn’t be caught dead with, in your hey days.

But when it persisted for over a week, we decided to get it checked.

And then, we got the shock of our lives when we were told that Andrea had just gotten an acne outbreak.

We had never heard of anyone in our friends or close ones who’d gotten Acne beyond the age of 40.

So, we asked the physician again.

‘Jim, are you sure its acne?’

When he answered in the affirmative, Andrea chuckled.

‘The hormones are raging again, Bob’, she says. We laughed heartily at the time.

Little did she know that she was in for the worst time of her life!

The pimples soon graduated into pustles and blisters, the most painful variety of those at that. She couldn’t sleep on her back because it had started to appear on the upper back as well.

We discussed options with the dermatologist. Accutane was ruled out because Andrea is already using statins for high cholesterol. She’s allergic to Tetracycline and Erythromycin and we didn’t want to take chances with other antibiotics.

So, we decided to go the popular skin care products. After careful discussions with a few nieces, playing Sherlock on the internet, talking to some close friends and with the physician, we narrowed down on Murad Skin Care.



When a niece recommended Dr. Murad, it rang a bell. We were sure we’d heard about it before but couldn’t recollect where.

Turns out Andrea had seen advertorials in magazines and we’d also seen a couple of infomercials about their skin care range almost a decade ago. Never figured we’d be using one of it.

So, we logged on to Dr. Murad’s website, spoke to a lady by the name of Megan and gave her a brief overview of the condition, Andrea’s age and medical history. We specified that she was photosensitive and any therapy/topical treatment would have to take that into account.

She seemed knowledgeable and she recommended the Clear Skin Regimen which according to her was a gentle therapy ideal for sensitive skin. It cost around $89.90.

The shipment arrived within a week, neatly packed.

Andrea started the treatment on the 15th of September. A friend recommended that we click some photos before starting treatment to track the progress or the lack of it.

Day 1: She started by applying the Clarifying Cleanser on her damp face after a wash. The cleanser seemed a tad greasy but nothing too bothersome. It had a mild fragrance to it. After the cleanser was rinsed and the face dried, she applied the clearing solution. It stung slightly. But we used it as recommended.

Day 5: Five days later, the skin looked redder and there were patches of flaking skin around her forehead and lips. We logged on to the website and spoke to one of their customer service reps who assured us that this was a normal occurrence and nothing to worry about. She asked us to stick to the regimen and recommended that we buy a night time moisturizer as well to emolliate the skin. We politely declined and continued our routine.

Day 15: The breakouts had worsened and we clicked a few pictures to share with our dermatologist who asked us to discontinue the treatment immediately as it would cause irreparable scars on her skin. Also, the photosensitivity had aggravated significantly. She couldn’t even go near the window anymore as the sun caused a burning sensation on the skin.

Unfortunately, that was the last time we used Dr. Murad’s skin care product. Just didn’t work out for us.



Our dermatologist is the one who recommended Dermalogica, after our bitter experience with Dr. Murad’s skin care products.

Unlike the hard sell which we experienced earlier, we were recommended just 4 products from the Dermalogica range.

1. Clearing Skin Wash: This is a foaming face wash that helps to flush out impurities that clog your pores and eliminates dead skin cells. There’s Eucalyptus, tea tree oil and a hint of salicylic acid in this one.

2. Breakout Control Gel: This is a watery gel containing a blend of botanical and a few chemical ingredients which prevents bacterial grown on acne prone skin.

3. Oil Control Lotion: Once again, a very light lotion containing a blend of salicylic acid with camphor, licorice root, balm mint and Enantia Chlorantha bark extract.

4. Multi Active Toner: The dermatologist recommended this as an optional product that would help even out the skin once the acne starts to subside. We went ahead and bought it nevertheless.

Total damage = $160.

This was more than what we’d expected to be honest. But since it was recommended by the doctor and we’d already burnt our fingers trying to self-medicate, we bit down and purchased the 4 items.

Day 1: On the first day, Andrea used the clearing skin wash. It foamed instantly and there was a soothing sensation due to the Eucalyptus. Thankfully, there was no dryness and the fragrance was very mild. She applied the breakout control gel and left it on for about 4 hours, after which she rinsed it away. Once again, no dryness! The oil control lotion was used at night as a leave on gel.

Day 5: Very little improvement on the fifth day. But more importantly, there was no redness or flaking. In fact, the skin looked a lot more hydrated and plump. We were still waiting for the acne to subside.

Day 15: It started to improve the breakouts. There were no new breakouts and the existing ones had started to dry out. It was time for the toner to come in. She used just a thin layer of the toner twice a week.

Day 30: There was a marked improvement in the acne on the face and near the forehead. A few clusters still remained. But we were very impressed with the results so far.

The best part is that it did not irritate her skin one bit. She could go out without covering her face like a vampire. Our good old sunscreen worked like a charm.

We are now on the 60th day of treatment and the acne has reduced by almost 70%. There haven’t been any new breakouts either.



Dr. Murad’s products didn’t work for us. But Dermalogica has worked flawlessly so far. We highly recommend it for anyone suffering from adult acne.


BOB B. WISEMAN, Jackson, Mississippi



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