8 NATURAL Ways To Get Rid Of Acne


Get Rid of Acne

Every day people search the internet for effective ways to get rid of acne and are most likely to find a hundred and one ways to do so. But before trying out any of these tips, put in mind that we also need to consider their side effects. That is why I have here some natural and less complicated ways to get rid of acne.



1. Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes, and it applies even to acne. Although there is no concrete evidence to blame the outbreaks of acne on improper hygiene, improving personal hygiene is still beneficial, as it is most likely to help in stopping the onset of acne.

2. It is necessary that we wash our faces at least twice a day or even more if your skin is of the oily type. The oil on your face will attract dirt, and it is eventually trapped on the skin pore and will lead to pimples if not washed off. Be sure to wash with mild non-scented facial soap. It is also possible to use any skin care wash available in the market but you may want to consult with your dermatologist on how natural these products are.

3. Use a soft, clean cloth when drying your face. It is important that the skin won’t be open for bacteria to enter. Gently pat your skin dry and never rub, as rubbing may be too harsh for your sensitive facial skin to handle.

4. For women, whenever there is a need to apply make-up, make sure that you are using water-based make-up. Oil-based make-up promotes clogging of the pores which is the start of acne. Also, remember to remove the make-up before going to bed. Cleanse, tone and moisturize to remove excess oil and dirt.

5. If possible, avoid environments that will expose you to dirt. Getting involved in sports is healthy physically but some sports venue makes skin contact to dirty surfaces inevitable. If this cannot be avoided, wash your face after every game.

6. Be aware of the habit of touching the face. Doing so transfers the dirt on your hands to your face. Keep your face free from loose hair and regularly shampoo your hair. Our scalp secretes oil that when transferred to the skin, becomes another cause of acne growth.

7. Avoid stress. Stress affects the way our body secretes hormone. Hormonal imbalance is another reason for acne outbreaks. Always find ways to calm yourself. Doing yoga or spending some quiet time alone may actually be of great help.

8. Drink lots of water. Drinking water helps our body release some of the waste it produces. Enough water makes waste management or body detoxification efficient. If the toxins or wastes are properly and thoroughly excreted outside the body, a good and healthy complexion is not impossible to achieve.

I’ve tried all these things myself and they have been effective for me. However, if your acne prove to be worse than the usual, consulting an expert is still the last and best resort.