7 Foods That Help To Combat Acne


Modern researches have found that our eating habit and the occurrence of acne are closely related. Even there is no medical proven, however, researches believed that changing our eating habit is the most natural method to combat acne – no acne product involved.

Before we talk about the natural acne treatment, we have to understand that acne is caused by over produced of sebum on our skin surface. High-fat foods promote sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

Therefore, avoid high-fat, greasy and stimulus foods, less ham, sausages and other preserved foods, less chocolates, coffee and alcohol drinks could be the best way to combat acne. Besides, don’t forget to consume more vegetable, fruits to maintain gastrointestinal system healthy.



Soy Milk – Drink more soy milk helps to reduce acne.

Garlic – Garlic juice mix with warm water to wash face helps to remove acne pigment.

Lemon Juice – Lemon juice mix with warm water to wash face helps to clean the oily skin.

Vitamin A & Zinc – Vitamin A and Zinc are the basic for controlling of sebaceous glands secretion and reduce the size of the epidermal cells exfoliated. Vitamin A helps for skin regeneration. Foods contain rich Vitamin A and Zinc including spinaches, lettuces, apricots, mangos, soybeans, eggplants, lentils, cabbages, carrots, green onions, pumpkins, tomatoes, powder milks and so on.

Vitamin B – Vitamin B2 & B6 accelerates the oxidation of cell, help on healing of acne. Vitamin B can easily be found in most green leafy vegetables and fish. Also, Vitamin B can be obtained from foods such as liver, eggs, seaweed (dry), soybeans, peas, yeast, chicken, cattle, pork (skinny), carrots, bananas, and grapes.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is everything about beauty skin. Foods contain Vitamin E including soybean oils, nuts, algae and mushrooms.

High Fiber Foods – High fiber foods help on metabolism and promote the intestinal peristalsis and get rid of the excess grease from our body. High fiber foods include whole wheat, coarse grains, soybean and bamboo shoots.



Combat acne by changing of our eating habit could be the first and most natural way before we spend money on the expensive acne products. Understand our skin type and select the best acne treatments would be the next important step after we have a healthy eating habit and proper control of diet. We can find many natural acne treatment and OTC acne products online but which is really the best? As a smart user we would not forget to do research before we spend our hard-earning money.