Exposed Skin Care vs Unblemish – Review by JENNIE HOLT, New Jersey



The first time I heard about Exposed Skin Care, I smelled snake oil.

As someone who has struggled with painful acne for 16 years and has tried everything humanly possible to tackle it, I have learnt to take OTC treatments with a pinch of salt.

But when diet, cleansers, creams, potions, lotions, laser, light therapy, releasing the acne and even alternative therapies fail to work, you automatically tend to veer towards anything that offers even an iota of promise. That’s why this billion dollar industry is still thriving.

And that’s how I ended up giving Exposed Skin Care a shot along with another acne treatment that has gained a lot of popularity of late, Unblemish.

One of them worked like a charm for me. The other, well, it came close. But for various reasons, it didn’t work as effectively as it is claimed to be.

If you are on the fence about which one of these acne treatments to try, then here’s my low down on it with a direct comparison.



Firstly, I was a tad taken aback to find that there are 10 products in the Exposed Skin Care line-up to choose from. Frankly, I was expecting a single solution, a magic bullet that would treat the condition.

But acne is more complicated a condition than most people expect it to be.

Rightly so, you need more than one product that can clean your skin of the bacteria, tone it to even out the surface and finally, repair any damage caused by the painful lesions in advanced stages of acne.

So, you have:

• Facial Cleanser
• Clearing Tonic
• Acne Treatment Serum
• Clear Pore Serum
• Moisturizer Complex
• Clarifying Mask
• Microderm Scrub
• Probiotic Complex (Capsules)
• Body Wash
• Derm-X Cloth


You do not need to try all these products mind you. It’s not a package. Instead, you can pick the ones that are relevant to your condition. Something like a personalized treatment module.

Because I was suffering from severe acne with hundreds of closed and open comedones (white and blackheads) that were limited to the face, I decided to opt for 6 of the above mentioned products.

I bought the Facial Cleanser, the Clearing Tonic, the Acne Treatment Serum, the Moisturizer Complex, the Microderm Scrub and the Probiotic Complex.

I started the treatment with the Facial Cleanser which is mild and gentle on the skin. It doesn’t dry the skin out too much probably because of the panthenol in it. It helped flush out the excess oil on my skin.

The Clearing Tonic is loaded with natural ingredients and a hint of salicylic acid that helps tone the surface.

The Acne Treatment Serum can be applied all day and contains benzoyl peroxide which is a proven acne treatment. To prevent the drying effects of benzoyl peroxide, there are a couple of natural humectants thrown in.

The Exposed Moisturizer, which I applied at night contains a blend of gels and helps lock in the moisture effectively.

I use the Microderm Scrub once a fortnight to help exfoliate and stimulate the production of new skin cells.

Lastly, I love the Probiotic Complex. There’s milk thistle, vitamins A and E and helpful bacterial strains that cleanse the skin from within and boost gut health.

After using Exposed Skin Care for 30 days, I can say that there is significant improvement (60%) in my condition. For advanced acne, I rate that amongst the best that I have tried.

If you expect blemish-free baby skin within 30 days of trying an acne treatment, then sorry to disappoint. You’ve got to be more realistic.



In full disclosure, I must mention that I tried Rodan + Fields Unblemish before I tried Exposed Skin Care. Thanks to a close friend who swore by its effectiveness, I just leaped before I looked. And in hindsight, I should have done my research and acted prudently. $180 isn’t cheap by a long shot.

Nevertheless, here’s my experience with it.

As I mentioned earlier, I have an advanced acne condition.

So I was recommended the 3 step system along with the Microabrasion Paste that they sell as a package.

The 3 step system consists of:

• Sulfur Wash
• Clarifying Toner
• An Oil Control Lotion
• Dual Intensive Acne Treatment

The Sulfur Wash is a 3% sulfur solution that cleans your face reasonably well. But for me, it was too drying. The skin felt a lot tighter after the wash and it appeared a lot redder too.

The Clarifying Toner is the best product in their line-up. It is gentle, has aloe vera and green tree extracts. Worked just fine!

The Dual Intensive Acne Treatment is a 5% benzoyl peroxide solution that is reasonably effective at treating acne. But without other added emollients, it can be too drying on acne prone skin.

The Microabrasion Paste is harsh. I was left with severely itchy skin and a small scar on my chin after using it twice. I have discontinued using it since.

Last but not the least, you have the Oil Control Lotion which has a rating of SPF 20. Why would someone throw in UV protection in an oil-control lotion? Well, it’s certainly not the best that I have tried so far.

After barely a month of using Rodan + Fields Unblemish, I started to notice an increase in the clusters of acne near the cheeks. They told me that it was common as the skin was in the purging phase. But 7 weeks later, the condition was worsening and I finally had to give up and stop using it.



While some of you may react differently to these products, it is Exposed Skin Care that has worked better for me.

Even if you take a close look at the product label, you will find that it has a more balanced formula as compared to Unblemish. It is gentler, has natural ingredients to mitigate some of the potential side effects of the chemical ingredients and is a lot cheaper.

What are your thoughts?



JENNIE HOLT, 32, Jersey City, New Jersey