Exposed 9-Piece Ultimate Kit


Exposed 9-Piece Kit

Exposed Skincare’s 9-Piece Ultimate Kit is the gold standard when it comes to looking after your skin. It contains a range of 9 products, designed to work together to look after every part of your skin, inside and out. It covers every aspect of skincare: cleansing, exfoliation, moisturising and protection. it is a complete dermatology solution in one box. One of the hardest parts of developing a great skincare routine is finding the right mix of products. Exposed’s R&D team of skincare specialists have done the hard work for you, finding the perfect formulation of SCIENTIFIC compounds + NATURAL ingredients. Each product is designed to not only work exceptionally well on its own, but also to complement the other products in the range. The Ultimate Kit can clear even severe cases of acne in a matter of weeks and give you a perfect, flawless complexion. It means an end to redness and inflammation, no more spots and blackheads, soft, supple skin and the confidence that goes with it.

The Exposed Skincare Ultimate Kit is based on the excellent 5-Piece Basic Kit and 6-Piece Expanded Kit. The Ultimate Kit contains all the products that both those kits do, so it is the perfect progression for customers of those kits who are ready to take their skin to the next level. The Ultimate Kit contains the following products also found in the Basic and Expanded Kits:

  • Facial Cleanser – a gentle, non-drying face wash with salicylic acid to clear the pores
  • Derm-X Cloth –  a microabrasion cloth that deeply exfoliates the skin
  • Clearing Tonic – a tonic to bring your skin back to its best and control spots
  • Acne Treatment Serum – a benzoyl peroxide based gel for day time use
  • Clear Pore Serum – a salicylic acid based gel that protects and renews your skin at night
  • Moisture Complex – a completely natural and oil free product that locks in moisture

Exposed Clarifying MaskThe Exposed Ultimate Kit really sets itself apart with THREE (3) EXTRA PRODUCTS that will give you the healthy, flawless complexion of a movie star.

The Clarifying Mask purifies your skin, absorbing excess oil and toxins while also killing acne causing bacteria. It works in a very unique way, deploying charcoal, sulphur and bentonite for a very powerful effect.

Next, the Microderm Scrub is a fantastic exfoliator. Using corundum crystals to scrub away dead, dull skin cells, it dramatically improves the tone and texture of your skin. Exfoliation is one of the most important aspects of skin care. Old, dead skin needs to be removed regularly to bring the healthy, young looking skin to the surface. There is nothing on the market right now that works anywhere near as well as Exposed’s Microderm Scrub. Where most scrubs are very harsh and damaging to the skin, Exposed’s Microderm Scrub actually helps heal and soothe your skin. It is formulated with green tea extract and passion flower, two very beneficial natural healing compounds.

Exposed Probiotic ComplexThe final product, and something that is particular to Exposed Skincare, is the Probiotic Complex. All other skincare ranges only treat the skin from the outside in. Exposed Skincare takes a holistic approach and understand the skin is much more than just the visible outer layer, it is part of an interdependent system, all of which needs to be looked after for you to have healthy skin. Exposed developed the Probiotic Complex to look after the skin from the inside out. It contains essential vitamins and minerals, and a probiotic to strengthen the immune system and give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and radiant.

The Ultimate Kit is perfect for those who want to completely clear their acne and get absolutely flawless skin. It is the natural progression from the 5-Piece Basic Kit and 6-Piece Expanded Kit. It is an excellent investment in yourself, and buying the kit saves you a huge amount of money compared to buying individual products. Exposed Skincare are so confident in their products they offer a FULL ONE (1) YEAR money back guarantee.



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