Exposed 6-Piece Expanded Kit


Exposed 6-Piece Kit

Exposed Skincare’s 6-Piece Expanded Kit is based on its best selling 5-Piece Basic Kit. Exposed Skincare’s research and development team understand the challenges faced by acne sufferers, not just from the issues caused by acne itself, but also the difficulty faced in finding a mix of products that work well for problem skin. One of the main obstacles acne sufferers, particularly those with sensitive skin, have to overcome is finding a moisturising product that doesn’t cause breakouts and inflammation. Most moisturisers are very oily, the complete opposite of what you need when you are trying to clear acne. The extra oil exacerbates the problem. However, a moisturiser is essential if you want healthy looking skin.

The 6-Piece Expanded Kit contains of the following:

  • Moisture Complex – a completely natural and oil free product that locks in moisture
  • Facial Cleanser – a gentle, non-drying face wash with salicylic acid to clear the pores
  • Clearing Tonic – a tonic to bring your skin back to its best and control spots
  • Acne Treatment Serum – a benzoyl peroxide based gel for day time use
  • Clear Pore Serum – a salicylic acid based gel that protects and renews your skin at night
  • Derm-X Cloth – a microabrasion cloth that deeply exfoliates the skin

Exposed Moisture ComplexExposed Skincare’s Expanded Kit contains its Moisture Complex, a completely natural formulation that is entirely oil free. It uses three organic ingredients to lock in moisture to keep your skin soft and supple. As well as moisturising your skin, it also helps to rebalance the nutrients in your skin so everything can work in harmony. Pumpkin seed and caffeine calm irritated, red skin, dramatically improving skin tone within days. Green tea extract is a well proven and trusted healing agent that features in many Exposed Skincare products to provide your skin with healing and renewal all day and night.

The Moisture Complex is perfect to use with two of the Expanded Kit’s other products: the Facial Cleanser and the Derm-X Cloth. The Derm-X Cloth scrubs away dead skin, makeup, dirt etc., leaving just clear, beautiful skin while the Facial Cleanser penetrates deep into the skin to open and clear the pores. The Facial Cleanser is designed to be gentle and non-drying. Your skin feel soft and fresh, ready for the Moisture Complex to lock in that moisture.

The Expanded Kit also contains three products formulated to protect your skin from acne and everything else life can throw at it, day and night. The Clearing Tonic has a powerful keratolytic agent called salicylic acid that dissolves the dead skin and sebum that are the cause of blocked pores. It also combines three natural healing compounds to help balance and regulate the skin to keep it in optimum condition.

Exposed Clear Pore SerumThe Exposed Acne Treatment and Clear Pore Serums are a pair of lightweight gels that work to protect your skin and combat acne 24 hours a day. The Acne Treatment Serum is used during the day and contains the leading anti-acne compound, benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is a potent anti-bacterial agent that kills the acne bacteria itself. Applying some to clean skin gives you protection all day long. Like the other products in this range, the Acne Treatment Serum combines a powerful scientific agent, like benzoyl peroxide, with a blend of natural ingredients to provide a balance of strength and effectiveness.

Like the Clearing Tonic, the Clear Pore serum uses salicylic acid as its primary acne fighting compound. It aims to keep the pores clear and open all night to prevent any breakouts developing while you sleep. The level of acne causing bacteria will be drastically lowered by using the Acne Treatment Serum during the day, so this is the perfect complement to maintain that progress throughout the night.

The Expanded Kit represents excellent value for money, giving you a full skin care regime for a very affordable price. It’s the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or who find products from other ranges make their acne worse. It contains everything that is needed in one kit. If you want to try some other products to make the most out of the improvements in your skin, Exposed Skincare also has a 9-Piece Ultimate Kit. The Ultimate has everything the Expanded Kit has and a few additions that will give you the kind of flawless complexion you always dreamed of.



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