Exposed Skin Care


Exposed Skin Care

Exposed Acne Treatment, distributed through EXPOSED SKIN CARE, is a product developed from the collaboration of experts in dermatology and those in organic chemistry. It has been formulated as the perfect balance between having very strong acne fighting properties and being exceptionally gentle on the skin.

Exposed can be used to clear existing acne cysts and to maintain disease-free skin. The product is mild enough for extra-sensitive skin, and has been proven to be hypoallergenic. It does not produce reddish skin (a common side effect of other acne treatments due to their use of harsh astringents). The product has also been known to produce brighter and suppler skin. These are the result of the careful use of mild organic and well researched scientific ingredients used in its formulation.



Exposed Skin Care uses anti-bacterial and keratolytic agents in its approach to the removal of acne. In doing so, it addresses all the different factors that can cause and exacerbate acne.

Exposed is based around a number of extremely effective NATURAL and SCIENTIFIC ingredients.

Firstly, Exposed utilises a set of natural, but very powerful, compounds. These include:

All these products have been used in natural medicines for centuries and have been proven safe and effective time and time again. They are all well tolerated by all skin types, particularly extra-sensitive skin who are unable to use many prescription pharmaceutical products because of the harsh chemicals they contain.

Exposed’s scientific ingredients feature the best acne treatment compounds available today. Some of them have been in use for almost a century, reflecting how trusted they are by skincare experts and customers alike. Exposed makes use of the following compounds in its products to compliment its natural, organic ingredients:

Exposed Skin Care Ingredients

Firstly, the powerful ingredients in Exposed Skin Care dig deep into the infected cysts and lesions to remove the source of the pain, swelling and spread of the acne. This is the antibacterial action that kills the bacteria that are the primary cause of acne. Strong antibacterial agents, in general, can be harsh on the skin. Being strong enough to kill the bacteria causing acne often means it is strong enough to harm and irritate your skin. Exposed’s products were developed to care for your skin, so they not only eliminate the bacteria but are exceedingly gentle on your skin. In as little as two weeks, Exposed can reduce bacteria levels in your skin to the point where no new cysts or lesions begin to form.

However, killing the bacteria alone isn’t enough to prevent or cure acne. It is necessary to eliminate the conditions in your skin that allow acne bacteria to thrive and multiply. Oily skin and dead skin cells are the main culprits here. This is where the keratolytic action of Exposed Skin Care comes into play. After the removal of anaerobic bacteria, the system then gently exfoliates the old skin, removing all the build-up that had resulted from many years of exposure to a dirty environment. It leaves behind clean, open pores that leave the skin looking fresh and bright.

The third phase is the renewal of the skin, which is the “maintenance” phase of the system. The maintenance phase can be boosted by continued use of the Exposed system. Incorporating Exposed into your daily grooming routine keeps a constant level of antibacterial agents in your skin that stands ready to kill acne causing bacteria before it gets a chance to gain a foothold. Regular use of Exposed products keep the skin exfoliated, not only preventing cysts and lesions from forming, but also giving your skin a fresh, healthy glow. Exposed has a range of products that allow you to custom build the right set for your skin, and your lifestyle.



1. Quick Results

Exposed Skin Care acts immediately on the infected area and unlike other products, it promises visible results in just a few days without the harsh side effects. After a week, most customers report seeing a significant and sustained reduction in their acne. In two or three weeks of constant use, all of the acne cysts and lesions will completely disappear.


2. Excellent Ability to Treat Mild to Severe Acne

Most acne treatment solutions, particularly those produced by large pharmaceutical companies, can only be used to treat mild acne breakouts. The chemicals used in these products are not particularly effective and are also very irritating to most skin types. They are cheaply produced and generally astringent. They can show some improvement in very mild cases of acne. However, in more severe cases of acne, especially where it is coupled with sensitive skin, they often do more harm than good. In the case of Exposed systems however, users point out that they are perfect for treating all types of acne – from the mild ones to severe breakouts. Because Exposed’s products don’t harm the skin the way cheap, generic products do, they can be stronger and used for much longer periods of time, without any side effects.

Exposed is particularly effective in combating severe acne. Exposed not only uses effective ingredients, but it takes a holistic approach to treating acne. Severe cases of acne won’t be cured unless the bacteria that causes acne is killed AND the conditions that allow that bacteria to breed are eliminated. This is exactly the approach that Exposed take, so the progress you make with your acne becomes sustainable, not the kind of up and down cycle you get with other products.


3. Uses Natural Ingredients

The Exposed Skin Care system makes use of natural ingredients that are designed to clean pores and renew irritated skin. All the ingredients included in the formulation have already been pre-approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been marked safe for human use. All the ingredients in Exposed’s products have been in use in traditional and homeopathic medicines for many years. Most, if not all, are familiar compounds that have a long track record of safety and comfort.

Exposed system contains Tea Tree Oil. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t produce any significant skin irritations, it is also more effective. Instead of using extremely harsh chemicals like Minocin and Roaccutane, the product makes use of herbal ingredients such as Jojoba and Green Tea. These natural herbs exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cells. They are excellent at penetrating deep into the pores where the blockages originate. Many exfoliators simply remove a thin layer of skin cells on the very surface of the skin. At best, this may improve the visible appearance of the skin but does nothing to address the dead skin cells deep in the pores that cause acne. Jojoba and Green Tea work down into the skin, without irritating it, to give it a deep, refreshing clean. As a result, the customer can prevent further acne breakouts as these ingredients avoid the clogging of the pores.



Exposed Quick Start Guide
The below video will teach you how to use Exposed system and customise it to your skin type, so you can get the best possible results.



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Exposed is sold online from its company’s website There are 3 packages with discounts:

1) Exposed 5-Piece Basic Kit  Price was $85.00 – now only $49.95 (40% discount)
• Facial Cleanser
• Clearing Tonic
• Acne Treatment Serum
• Clear Pore Serum
• Derm-X Cloth

2) Exposed 6-Piece Expanded Kit  Price was $120.00 – now only $59.95 (50% discount)
• Facial Cleanser
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• Acne Treatment Serum
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• Moisture Complex

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• Facial Cleanser
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• Probiotic Complex

Exposed Kits Comparison



1) Who makes and sells Exposed acne treatment?

Exposed Skin Care is the company that produces Exposed acne treatment. It is a beauty, cosmetic and personal care company, based in Seattle, which offers quality skin care and complete acne treatment products to the changing needs of the consumers. Exposed excels in providing effective acne treatments using NATURAL and proven, safe SCIENTIFIC ingredients.


2) What is Exposed acne treatment and how does it work?

The products are a perfect combination of best acne medications available and natural ingredients. The range of skin care products are developed with the collaborative effort of dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths, and chemists.

Exposed uses the perfect blend of NATURAL and SCIENTIFIC antibacterial ingredients to eliminate acne causing bacteria. Unlike antibiotics, bacteria cannot become resistant to the powerful ingredients in Exposed Skin Care. So, even when antibiotics stop working, Exposed’s ingredients never do, giving you constant and sustainable results.

Natural exfoliators and cutting edge keratolytic agnets gently break down and clear dead skin cells to unblock pores. Making Exposed Skin Care part of your daily routine maintains clear, open pores that not only reduce acne but improve the overall health of your skin.

Exposed’s oil reduction agents control the level of sebum in the skin. As well as reducing the sebum that helps cause acne, this property of Exposed has another fantastic benefit for acne sufferers. It gives your skin that beautiful matte look and stops your skin looking greasy. Apart from the obvious spots, this is one of the main complaints of people suffering from acne.

It’s not only is effective in dealing with existing cysts and lesions, but also works to prevent future breakouts by addressing all the root causes of acne. Exposed not only allows you to get rid of your acne in a few weeks. It also allows you to attain beautiful and glowing skin every day. When you are suffering with acne, this can seem like an unattainable dream. Exposed puts that within your reach with its range of products that allows you to build the perfect bespoke routine for your skin.


3) How fast does Exposed products work?

The products will give you the skin you love WITHIN 30 DAYS. You will see noticeable results in a week and many cases of acne are cleared in 2 to 3 weeks. So confident are Exposed in the quality and effectiveness of their products they offer an unparalleled guarantee. If after using every drop of the products in your first Exposed Kit you do not see results, you can return the kit for a full refund (not including shipping costs) for up to 1 FULL YEAR! Nothing else like this exists in the skin care industry, for good reason. Exposed can stand behind their product because it is the result of customer focused research and development. It is a proven skin care system, that delivers amazing results, without the harsh side effects that usually go with acne treatments.


4) How much does Exposed cost?

All the products are reasonably priced and bottled in small quantities for the convenience of the customers. The individual items range from $15-$35.

The best way to experience the Exposed Skin Care System is to try one of its Kits. The 5-Piece, 6-Piece or 9-Piece kits (see above) are excellent for a FIRST TIME CUSTOMER. This is a great way to check out the different products at a more affordable price compared to individually packaged products. Everyone’s skin and its needs are different. The kits are an excellent way to try out the different products and see what suits your skin and your lifestyle best. Customising your skincare routine like this allows you to get the very best results from your Exposed system. Watch the real testimonials below.


5) Again, where to buy Exposed Skin Care?

You can buy Exposed Skin Care systems online at the company’s official website The official site offers huge discounts and is guaranteed to get you the lowest price possible. FREE GIFTS and PROMO CODES (see the above) are also available from time to time. The company provides worldwide delivery and has customers all over the world, from Alaska to Cape Town and from Dubai to Canada. No matter where you are in the world, you can try Exposed Skin Care and get that perfect, clear skin you always dreamed of.