What Is Cosmetic Acne And Treatment?

Cosmetic Acne

Most women can wear cosmetics without worrying about acne breakouts. However, if you are one of the women who suffer from acne breakouts at a mere touch of a blusher, then you are part of statistics. Indeed, there are women who experience acne breakouts when they wear certain cosmetics. It is called cosmetic acne.



They are acne resulting from cosmetics irritation or adverse reaction of certain whiteheads, inflamed pustules, blackheads, small papules on the area where cosmetics are predominantly applied. So, acne may appear on your cheeks, chin and forehead. It does not actually appear overnight. The formation and development of acne over these areas take time. The lesions and inflammations gradually develop with repeated use of the irritants. Once these inflammations develop, they persist for a long period of time even after you’ve ceased using the culprit cosmetics.

Usually, women are not conscious of the relation of their cosmetics with the breakouts since the acne does not develop immediately. The breakouts prompt them to use more cosmetics just so they can hide the unsightly inflammations. Inadvertently, they also aggravate the condition.



There are certain products that cause acne. It is not just makeup that causes acne. There are other beauty products that can trigger acne. For instance, your shampoo and conditioner as well as other hair products can trigger acne breakouts. They contain oil or other ingredients that clog pores. There are hair care products that do not easily wash off. Unfortunately, if these trickle down to your face, they could cause pore clogging which would lead to acne breakouts. You should reconsider your hair care products if the acne largely develops on your forehead, the nape of your neck, your upper back and your cheeks.

Aside from shampoos, body care products like soaps, washes and scrubs may also contain chemicals or ingredients that may trigger acne. Again these chemicals may not easily wash off so they are left on the surface of your skin that eventually clogs the pores.

You should be careful when using oils and scrubs because most of these products contain ingredients that clog pores. Exfoliating scrubs may also contain scrubbing agents that may irritate your skin. The same goes with lotions, creams, body gels and other similar products. They may also contain ingredients that may irritate your skin or clog your pores prompting acne breakouts.



1. Women who wear cosmetics during their adolescent years.
2. Women who starts wearing cosmetics later in life and starts to experience acne breakouts.

The good news about cosmetics acne is that it can be easily treated. It only results from topical factors so it can easily be prevented. Simply remove the cosmetics and you can cure the acne. This is entirely different from other causes of acne like hormonal imbalances or hereditary factors. Acne resulting from these causes cannot be treated that easy. Seeking the right medications or remedies takes time and the actual process of treatment and healing takes time as well.

So, whenever you use a product, take note of your skin’s reactions to this. If you develop acne, cease using the product and take note of any changes. You can then pursue acne treatment upon knowing the cause.