Aloe Vera’s Benefits & Limitations For Acne


Aloe Vera For Acne

Aloe vera is already accepted as an incredibly versatile and useful plant. However, even among those who are aware of the plant’s medicinal properties, many people are still unaware of the uses aloe vera has as an acne treatment.



Individuals can choose to use either prepackaged aloe vera gel or they can purchase the actual plant and use the juice contained inside the leaves. By breaking open the thick leaves of the plant, individuals will discover a viscous and watery sap. This sap can be squeezed directly onto the affected areas of the skin to reduce the inflammation associated with breakouts. Likewise, store bought gels made from the aloe vera plant can be applied topically to acne breakouts and pimples. The gel will diminish the redness and swelling of breakouts and can be incorporated into a regular skin care routine. Due to its effectiveness, some skin care brands also include aloe vera as an important ingredient in their products, such as Exposed Skin Care’s Clearing Tonic.



There are several benefits to using an aloe vera acne treatment on a regular basis. First, aloe vera is an all-natural skin treatment. The plant contains numerous elements like polysaccharides that can stimulate new cell growth. Laboratory tests have shown a regular application of aloe vera to burns, blemishes, and cuts can actually diminish the development of visible scar tissue. What’s more, the coagulating agents in the gel can help blood flow in the skin, leading to much more vibrant and youthful looking skin. Aloe vera gel is also incredibly inexpensive, making it an affordable option for a regular addition to anyone’s skin care regimen.



As for the limitations of aloe vera, there are few. Some users may dislike the oily feel of aloe vera gel. It does not soak into the skin easily, and many may be tempted to rinse off the oil residue before the gel can do its job. In order to enjoy the long term benefits of using aloe vera, it must be used on a regular basis. Without regular application, the gel cannot work to encourage natural cell growth and healthy blood flow. Ceasing to use the gel may allow for the more visible symptoms of acne to return. Aloe vera is not a solution to regular breakouts. Because it is applied topically, the gel can only address the symptoms of acne. In order to deal with the problem of acne, individuals will have to look elsewhere.



Aloe vera gel is consistently recommended by dermatologists as a reliable acne treatment. However, for those suffering from more serious or constant breakouts, it may be better to look for treatments that address the root causes of acne. Those looking for a more immediate solution to unsightly blemishes, though, will be pleased with the immediate effects of using aloe vera gel to minimize redness and soothe inflammation.

An aloe vera acne treatment is a perfectly natural and organic approach to skin care. Those who begin using the gel on a regular basis to treat blemishes should begin seeing noticeable results in less than a week. As with all treatments, though, it should be incorporated into a wider regimen of proper skincare and healthy living for the best results.