vs Exposed Skin Care – Review by CALVIN GARDNER, Michigan



Am I the only one who finds it strange that there’s very little information on the internet about what works for cystic acne?

I mean, most of the information is either biased or paid for.

Most of the people that I see on the internet who are doling out information or making ad-hoc product recommendations haven’t progressed beyond comedonal acne.

Yet, they speak like know-alls.

The fact is that hormonally triggered cystic acne is a different beast altogether. It first made an appearance on my jawline when I was all of 16.

My folks put jumped the gun and put me on Accutane (If only I had some say over things back then) and the cysts reluctantly disappeared only to resurface 13 years later when I started to use birth pills.

Only this time, it appeared all over my chin, jawline, shoulder and upper back in the most severe form. With Accutane therapy ruled out for being linked to potential birth defects and suicidal tendencies, I was scourging for hours on the internet looking for at-home remedies and best acne treatments.

That’s when I was strongly recommended Exposed Skin Care and the regimen. At least 3 of those recommendations for came from people who had severe acne.

What I later realized is that they probably had just the occasional break out that wasn’t really cystic acne.



With a brand name called, it is no wonder that people take a liking to the famed product line up.

The website proudly announces that it’s been featured on The New York Times and the LA Times and follows it up with a series of video testimonials that they claim are ‘100% unsponsored and true’. Sigh!

But it’s the ‘What to Expect’ section on their site that truly takes the cake.

They have put it out there in clear terms that your acne ‘may’ worsen. Your skin ‘may’ become more irritated and red. Breakouts ‘may’ occur even after the acne clears for a while.

That’s a lot of ‘may’ out there for a product line up that promises clear skin in a span of 3 months.



I have straight away listed the cons because there are no pros to it. At least there are none for cystic acne sufferers.

After I started the regimen, almost from day 2 onwards, the skin started to dry out to the point that it scared me. But hey, they already warned us. So no complaints!

I kept using it all through weeks 3 and 4 when the dryness became severe and there were new breakouts.

I reached out to other users on their forum and they told me that it takes about 8-9 weeks to kick in.

One of the guys pointed me to a section on their website that states ‘The Biggest Mistakes’ that users do. The first one was ‘Giving up too soon’.

So I hung on hoping that this was just the body getting used to the meds and that it would kick in soon. After the first month, they sold me their organic Jojoba Oil and then the AHA+ (Glycolic Acid – 10%) liquid to be added to the regime.

But alas, after a grueling 16 weeks during which my acne never cleared for once, I finally gave up.



When you receive samples for a new skin care product in the mail a week after you realize that you have been fobbed off by one of the biggest brands in skin care and your face is flared up, irritated and super sensitive, your first reaction is to flush it down the bowl.

That’s what I was all set to do. But the product label indicated that this was or contained some type of botanical ingredients.

That triggered a curiosity and I dug deeper into it.

Turns out that Exposed Skin Care has a flawless customer rating on Amazon and it is one of the only acne therapies that use natural product extracts.

So, I dived in and started using the samples. Hell, with blaring cysts, I had nothing to lose really.

I received samples sized bottles of the Facial Cleanser, the Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Moisture Complex and the Probiotic Complex.

Here’s what I noticed.

• The cleanser is very mild. In fact, it is the mildest one that I have used so far. So, if you are hoping to remove make up with this, it won’t work. For cystic or severe acne sufferers, this one is a dream. As a plus, it soothed the red and irritated active lesions on the face. Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Sage Extracts.

• The clearing tonic really pulled the gunk out of the lesions on my face. During the first week, it felt like the breakouts were worsening. But in reality, it flushed out the junk and the skin started to appear smoother for the first time in the past two years. Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Green Tea Extracts, Passion Flower, Azelaic Acid.

• The Acne Treatment Serum does the heavy lifting in the therapy. It removes bacteria and thereby prevents the infection from aggravating. As expected, there’s some Benzoyl Peroxide in the lotion. But it’s not in extreme quantities that typically cause the burning and stinging on the skin. Within 3 weeks, I noticed that some of the acne had stopped progressing. There were no new breakouts and the inflammation had reduced significantly. Ingredients: Benozyl Peroxide, Tea Tree Extracts.

• Acne sufferers have mixed reaction about using Moisturizers. But if you are using Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, you need to moisturize your skin. The Exposed Skin Care moisture complex is all-natural and completely oil-free. It did not make my skin oilier and was godsend because it prevented it from flaking and drying out. Ingredients: Pumpkin Seed Extracts, Green Tea and Caffeine.

• Believe it or not, your gut health plays a very important role in supporting the topical to clear up the acne. The Probiotic Complex is a multivitamin with priobiotic strains thrown in. It helps detox the system and you will notice your skin become clearer with continued use.



After finishing the sample bottles of Exposed Skin Care, I have bought their Exposed Ultimate Kit (60 Day) and am at day 34.

The cysts have reduced by 50%. There are no new flare ups. The pain and inflammation has reduced as well. I have started applying the same regimen on the shoulders and back. And I will update this post in some time with my results.

As of now, I couldn’t be more pleased with Exposed Skin Care. If you have cystic acne, give this a shot folks.


CALVIN W. GARDNER, 31, Iron Mountain, Michigan