Differin, distributed by Galderma, is a topical remedy for acne. Acne or Acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin ailments afflicting young people as well as folks of old age. No age is actually safe from acne – because recurrences are common, and acne is incredibly hardy as a skin problem.

Differin (this product’s base ingredient is adapalene) is an anti-acne remedy that promises to clear pimples and similar blemishes from the skin after application. According to the company website, all the active ingredients integrated into the different Differin products are effective in combating all the causes of pimples and acne.

Differin is different from most anti-acne treatments because it makes use of a class of chemicals known for their direct assault on acne. Similar to what’s used to produce Accutane, Differin encapsulates the effects of retinoids to reverse the ravages of acne.



According to Differin website, the product literally allows a person to “fight back” even in extreme situations. There are three main Differin products, differing in formulation and strength. The first the Differin Gel, formulated at 0.1%. This is the most basic Differin and is the most widely used.

The second formulation, the Differin Gel, formulated at 0.3%, can be used to combat extreme cases of acne. What differentiates moderate acne from extreme acne? Extreme acne usually covers more than 80% of the total skin surface of the face. In addition, extreme acne has the propensity to leave unattractive marks like scars on the neck and the face.

For those with sensitive skin, the first variation of Differin has been transformed to a cream-based concoction – for those who require a more hypoallergenic topical remedy to their skin problems.



There are actually many documented side effects when you use Differin products. The first and probably most annoying is dryness. Because the different Differin products encourage accelerated exfoliation, dryness of the skin often takes place. This translates to less moisture, which may or may not be beneficial to the acne itself.

A more serious side effect – burning may occur. Burning happens when the active ingredients in Differin begin to counter-act the acne. Burning also occurs because acne cysts are actually enclosed, superficial wounds – the drugs make contact with the lower level of the skin as much as the affect upper level.

The third possible side effect is pruritis. Pruritis is extreme itchiness in affected skin areas. Pruritis is counter-productive because it will add another dimension of pain to the tender acne cysts – itch. When this happens, users may feel the compulsion to frequently touch or scratch their acne cysts. This is never a good thing and is also extremely counter-productive.



Differin is available through pharmacies and online drug stores. Most online pharmacies retail Differin (15 grams) for $48.94. Multiple tubes of Differin allow people to save; for example, five tubes are sold for just $223.96. A rebate is available for download at the Differin website www.differin.com.

The lowest price we found online is on Amazon.