Birth Control Pills


When topical and oral antibiotics fail to measure up against acne, using oral contraceptives or birth control pills can inhibit androgens from performing their tasks. Certain oral contraceptives prevent the release of sebum that fires up your acne by blocking the androgens that stimulate the oil glands.

An antiandrogen is taken in combination with birth control pills in the event that the pill can’t handle the acne by itself, or if you have male symptoms like extra body hair or thinning scalp due to excess androgens.

Some oral contraceptives that you might be interested in are the following:

Ortho Tri-Cyclen  • Estrostrep Fe  • Yasmin  • Levlen  • Levlite  

Seasonale  • Tri-Levlen  • Triphasil  • Desogen  • Alesse



What do birth control pills contribute to the battle against acne? First of all, acne is primarily a hormonal problem.

When the hormones begin to surge in the body, various processes in the skin begin to accelerate. This acceleration, coupled with various environmental causes lead to acne.

Birth control pills work by blowing away one leg of the acne machine: the hormones.

By leveling the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone, birth control pills contribute to the return of the skin to its normal appearance.

Is this approach right for you? It might be if you are:

• Sexually active

• Having trouble with regular menstrual cycles and require treatment for the problem

• Taking the drug Accutane

Let’s face it; even mild to moderate instances of acne can be disfiguring. If you have both acne and the desire to remain non-pregnant even while being active, sexually, then oral contraceptives would be the perfect solution.



In many cases, taking regular oral contraceptives can already solve the acne problem. However, there are some birth control approaches that can actually worsen the situation. One good example is Depo-Provera.

Why is the drug prescribed to women who take Accutane? Women who are pregnant that still is taking Accutane to relieve themselves of acne need to take hormones because Accutane has been known to cause disfigurements in unborn children.

Oral contraceptives or birth control pills have been around for at least four decades now. The main aim in taking these pills is to regulate the action of male hormones and the overproduction of natural oil in the skin. You also have estrogen, which would be regulating the acne, too.

Estrogen helps by:

• Reducing the secretion of the ovaries of androgen

• Inhibiting the action of androgen on the oil-producing glands in the skin. Estrogen acts as an androgen receptor blocker.

Remember, both men and women have freely flowing androgen in their bloodstream. This fact is also responsible for balding in genetically predisposed individuals.

Estrogen helps by encouraging the production of sex hormone binding globulin that regulates the movement and amount of the androgens.



Remember to stick to oral contraceptives or birth control pills that contain progestin and estrogen. Progestin-only pills are not recommended for acne treatment.

Some of the newer Progestin-only birth control pills have been shown to produce some male hormone activity, so there’s a big chance that your acne would end up worsening.

Did you know that even normal levels of testosterone could cause acne in women? The main goal is to take this normal level down further to counter-act its unpleasant effect on the skin.

Low-dose oral contraceptives are recommended for the purpose of lowering the androgen levels in the body.